creative coaching 

 So you're blocked... 

I get it. I’ve been there. More than once...ok, like a lot. It sucks to feel like you have something you want to share with the world but then you sit in front of the computer, camera, easel, clay, guitar, (you get the idea) and nothing comes out. Like barfing on an empty stomach, being blocked creatively and in your life can be fucking brutal.

Life of the Pahty

Actual footage of me with writers block.

After 15 years of writing, performing, dancing, hell I even wrote a song once-my blocks always have one thing in common: I break through them.  Even better? I can help you break through yours. Got an idea you want to get off the ground? A play you want to write? A song you want to sing? Or maybe you work a job that sucks (been there!) and want to color outside the lines a bit? I. GOT. YOU.


Together we will get present and honest with what’s holding you back (pro tip, it’s fear) and gently figure out how to propel you forward into fully becoming who you really are. Also, it’s fun! They don’t call me Life of the Pahty! for nothing. Promise.

The process 

I believe and utilize many of the ideas and components in The Artist's Way. Mainly, Julia Cameron's daily Morning Pages and weekly Artist Dates. However, I also believe that every creative is unique and requires personalized tools.  My job is to make you aware of the tools that are available to you. Your job is to design your tool kit.

 accessibility and support 

I coach and provide creators with a safe creative environment free from judgment and shame in person or via video call with clients all over the world. I also provide e-mail support in between sessions, so no matter where you are in the world: I. GOT. YOU.


I've been beyond lucky to work with some wonderfully talented creatives. Check out what they have to say about creative coaching!


All packages are automatically billed monthly.

1:1 Package I

3 months/6 sessions/$170 per session

1:1 Package II

6 months/12 sessions/$160 per session

1:1 Package III

12 months/24 sessions/$150 per session

1:1 Sliding Scale 

Applications are currently closed.

Group Coaching

3 months/6 sessions/$120 per month

If you are interested in online group coaching please fill out this contact form and you will be notified once registration is open.


Email me, slide into my dms or send a damn messenger pigeon. Just say Yes to yourself and whatever dream keeps waking you up at night because you haven’t paid it enough attention. Let’s pay attention to it together.