Nadiya Nacorda




"Do not hesitate to bring her into your life and show her your dreams. She will treat them with love and respect. Shanna is simply meant to do this work. It is apparent in the way she brings such light and energy to each session, and how supportive she is in her approach while helping you along this incredible journey. Even if you don’t feel creatively stuck or need guidance, Shanna can still be such a light in your life. I know this for a fact, because she has done so in mine. I would recommend her to anyone forever!!!!"



Daneille Scruggs



"I highly recommend Shanna for anyone who is feeling stuck or otherwise needs a gentle push to remind themselves what they are truly capable of. I've broken through a lot of barriers (self-imposed or otherwise) with Shanna's help. She uses her warmth, humor, and expertise in the creative fields to guide people towards living the kind of life they truly want, not what society tells them they should want."

James Donovan 

"Working with Shanna over the past year has helped me dismantle some of the toxic dominate privilege patterns I unknowably fell accustomed to. Shanna also helped me identify the true individual I WANT and CAN be.  Her fresh and approachable banter made me feel comfortable/supported from our first call.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to unlock their Amazing! "

Stephanie Jensen


Stephanie Jensen Photography

"When I first began working with Shanna, I was still growing and exploring my voice as a photographer. Shanna was excellent at finding the root of my creative issues and guiding me as we worked through them. She helped transform my negative self-talk into positive affirmations. She helped break up my bigger goals into smaller action steps, then followed up and held me accountable for those tasks. My career wouldn’t be what it is today without Shanna’s gentle and loving instruction. She is my biggest cheerleader and is someone you definitely want on your team!"

Emily Schleiger



"Shanna is like a wise cheerleader, helping me trust my intuition and ability. She’s quickly become my amazing secret super power."

Soli Santos

Stand Up Comedian


"Shanna was really supportive in helping me...and holding me accountable. If you're thinking about having a coach, she's the one!"