Shanna Shrum is a nationally touring solo performer, internationally produced playwright and creator of the sketch comedy web series, Life of the Pahty! and In Someone Else’s Kitchen. She is also a creative coach, podcaster, marathon runner, meditator, former corporate boss, recovering sorority girl, and the literal best thing to ever happen to a wedding reception dance floor.


An avid practitioner of The Artist’s Way, Shanna’s work utilizes her personal experience to generate the worlds and characters she creates. She believes wholeheartedly that art heals and creativity is a form of prayer. Shanna loves to pray.

Her mission as an artist and coach is to consistently create from a place of joy and healing in order to provide a sense of understanding and belonging in those who feel wounded, left out, underserved and unseen. Shanna has co-created with everyone from children and teens to federal prison inmates and believes that inside every person lives an artist. She has also worked with and created events for Chicago's The Robey Hotel, Antique Taco, and The Martin.

Her favorite things include but are not limited to: making something from absolutely nothing, theme parties, talking in accents, smiling at strangers, and giving creators the space to discover and express the truth of who they really are, love themselves fiercely, and smash the patriarchy all while having the best fucking time ever.

Actual footage of Shanna during her 6-month stint in Delta Zeta when she literally did not know her ass from a hole in the ground.